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Unique geo hoop earrings add volume without the weight. Simply guide end of ear wire through your ear as you would any earring until you've reached at least the second bend to make sure the earrings stay secure. Available in sterling silver, 14k yellow gold fill or 14k rose gold fill.  

Mini Geo Hoops

  • *For everyday wear, push earring through to the 2nd bend, so that the opening is at the bottom.  Place rubber stoppers pushed to the back of the ear for extra security.


    *To prevent snagging on scarves, hair, etc: Wind the earring backwards through the ear until the end of the wire touches that back of the ear (4th bend).


    *Clean with windex or dish soap mixed with warm water.


    * For sterling silver - store in an airtight container, such as a ziplock bag to prevent tarnish.  To remove tarnish use a liquid tarish removal dip, or make your own tarnish remover by placing boiling water and baking soda in an aluminum pan and soak earrings for about 5 minutes.


    *If earrings become tangled together, do not try to force them apart. Simply shake them until they pop apart or you  see a way to easily seperate them.  

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