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A Philosophy in Rock

My background in geology combined with my desire to create, manifests itself in the work that I make. I combine inorganic and organic materials and forms to show this duality within my life. I am inspired by the vast canvas nature provides, where one will find organic, living things that show symmetry, geometric patterns, order and repetitive elements.  You will also find inorganic, non-living minerals that appear to have grown in a haphazard, free flowing, non-ordered way.  


Nature has rules but it’s also a paradox.  The play within seemingly contradictory elements is more natural than we realize. Both art and science are tools used to stimulate ideas and cause us to challenge what we think we know in order to change the way we look at the world. When I look at a mineral specimen, I see the millions of years it took to create a seemingly magical object and it reminds me what a tiny insignificant amount of time I will physically be able to experience it.  


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